An Archaeological Society for Everyone

This is your opportunity to learn about the prehistory of America and the people who came before us, and if you like, to participate in shedding a light on this rapidly-disappearing history, as well as helping to preserve it for future generations. Anyone with genuine interest and enthusiasm for archaeology is invited to join.

As a Member of Our Society You will Receive

  • Four issues of the Central States Archaeological Journal - an attractive, informative, and well-illustrated quarterly publication of national renown. It contains a variety of articles which cover all of the United States and are enjoyable to read. The articles include those contributed by collectors and Society members, many of which describe personal collections or reminiscences of favorite sites and discoveries, as well as State and Federal legislation of interest, and book reviews on archaeological history and topics.

  • Timely G.S.L.A.S. Newsletters which provide notification of our educational meetings, artifact shows, and other special programs and exhibits sponsored by related organizations and museums.

  • You will have the opportunity to become acquainted with amateur, avocational, and professional archaeologists, who, like yourself, are striving to keep America's prehistory alive.

  • A Membership Card.

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The Central States Archaeological Journal (ISSN 0008-9559) is published quarterly in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.  Annual dues are $24, which is used for the journal's publication fees and by the state society for newsletters and other expenses.

Dovetail Spearpoint



Mic-Mac Pipe


16" Wadlow Blade
"Lincoln County Giant"


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